2019 MINI Cooper Countryman vs 2019 Honda Fit

When driving around Manhattan, Bronx, or Queens, NY, you want the most reliable car possible. Many of our customers love the fun, sleek style of compact SUVs such as the MINI Cooper Countryman and Honda Fit. Both cars have plenty of outstanding features to offer, so which one is best for you?

Deciding on a new vehicle isn’t always easy, especially when you have two great options like the 2019 MINI Cooper Countryman vs. 2019 Honda Fit. That’s why we’ve taken time to review and compare both cars, in hopes of helping you make an informed decision and finding a car you love.

2019 MINI Cooper Countryman

The MINI Cooper Countryman comes in three trim levels for 2019: the standard Cooper, the S, and the John Cooper Works. All three are noted for their compact, but durable design, and sporty front-wheel and all-wheel drive options. The Countryman gets between 24 and 27 EPA-estimated MPG, depending on trim level, making it one of the most environmentally friendly cars in its class.

Automakers recently revamped the MINI Cooper Countryman’s structure, using higher-grade materials to enhance performance. This MINI boasts a manual transmission, allowing drivers to get a real feel for the road and experience more control of their cars. Test drivers call the 2019 Countryman fun, citing its newly designed interior and overall smooth performance as big pros. Some test drivers found the Cooper’s brakes grabby, but others appreciated the way the subcompact SUV easily comes to a complete stop whenever needed.

Overall, the MINI Cooper Countryman is well-mannered for an SUV noted for poised handling. The Cooper’s performance is further described as dynamic and refined, with a definite BMW feel, minus the BMW’s bulk.

The Countryman’s small but cozy cargo space makes for versatile car trips. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or extracurricular activities, running errands, or taking a short weekend jaunt, the cargo space will keep your essentials safe. We recommend traveling light, so you can take full advantage of the spacious seats and extra legroom in the back.

Finally, we like the 2019 MINI Countryman’s technological updates. A new powertrain hybrid plug-in adds power to performance and gives an extra boost to the Cooper’s green factor. Familiar safety and infotainment features remain, and both drivers and automakers have been impressed with the slew of various packages and options for each Countryman trim level.

2019 MINI Cooper Countryman vs 2019 Honda Fit

In contrast to the MINI Cooper Countryman, the Honda Fit looks larger and perhaps more streamlined. As experienced drivers know though, bigger is not always better. The Honda is a slightly slower vehicle, clocking in at a top speed of 118 MPH where the Countryman gets 120.


As with the Countryman, the Fit’s performance has been praised, but it’s also noted for slow performance and a noisy, buzzing engine. Reviewers admit the Fit is practical, but not fun. One reviewer said reaching top acceleration in a 2019 Honda Fit was like whipping a tired horse.

As with the Countryman, the Honda Fit’s ride quality is fairly smooth; your family will enjoy the vehicle for close and far distances. Be cautious braking, as reviewers have called the brakes unpredictable and hard to handle. These and other issues, such as a lack of many safety features, may net the Honda Fit a red flag in your book.

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