Used vs Certified Pre-Owned

Buying or leasing a used car carries several advantages over a new car. However, there is a third option some of our customers aren’t familiar with: the certified pre-owned option. Used vs. certified pre-owned are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. We often help our customers in Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, NY, determine which option fits their needs. Let’s review the major differences to help you with your next purchase decision.

Used Cars vs Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Defining a used car is fairly straightforward; your potential car has been owned and driven before. The biggest difference between used vs. certified pre-owned cars is a certified pre-owned car has undergone testing at the dealership. Once testing is complete, the dealership approves, or certifies, the vehicle. In general, a certified pre-owned car will receive a lengthy inspection. In order to meet the certification standard, the vehicle’s systems, general performance, interior comfort, and feature workability will be evaluated.

Advantages of a Used Car

Many of our customers prefer buying a used car, because it can imply the car has been reliable. The amount a used car has depreciated depends on factors such as the condition of the car, how many miles it has on it and the year the car was manufactured. Dealerships usually offer lucrative discounts and financing options for used vehicles.

Another advantage of choosing used vs. certified pre-owned is in the available features. It may be easier to find a specific feature in a used car. Many used cars already come with basic features for their model, so you don’t have to buy an entire package of features. On the other hand, if you want a specific package of extra features, it may be easier and less expensive to find the ones you want.

Finally, used cars can come with extended warranties. The extended warranty ensures that, should you have a problem with your used car, you’ll have time to rectify the issue and consider your options.

Advantages of Certified Pre-Owned Cars

As with used cars, it is possible to get an extended warranty with a certified pre-owned car. Most CPO programs automatically extend the new car warranty. In some cases, the remainder of an existing warranty is transferred to you when you buy a CPO vehicle. If you have specific warranty needs or questions regarding your options, simply ask our team when you visit.

When considering used vs. certified pre-owned, one advantage of a CPO is that it often comes with free roadside assistance. No one likes the idea of accidents or car trouble, but they can happen and often when you least expect them. The 24-hour roadside assistance that comes with a certified vehicle gives our customers peace of mind. Additionally, using roadside assistance can start communication with your dealership when there is a problem.

The biggest advantage of a certified pre-owned car is, of course, the testing that the dealership has done to certify the vehicle. This testing can give the buyer confidence that the car is in good condition and ready to drive off the dealership’s lot. Learn more benefits of a certified pre-owned vehicle here!

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