MINI Cooper Convertible Lease

What could be better than tooling around town on those early fall days with the top down? If you want to soak up the last warm days of the year in style, the MINI Cooper Convertible may be just the car for you, and a fantastic lease deal may be the best way to get you into the driver’s seat for drivers in Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, NY.

Leasing vs Buying


Sometimes customers ask why they should lease a car rather than buy one. We understand the attraction of buying over leasing, but many drivers find leasing carries more advantages. One of the biggest reasons to lease is: Leasing gives you time to get to know your vehicle. If you choose one trim level, but like another better, or want to investigate a different car’s features, a lease may give you the flexibility. Depending on the specific lease deals you need, we will formulate a plan to fit your budget and time frame.

Leasing is recommended because terms are highly flexible. If you want to trade in a car at the end of your lease term, simply bring the trade-in to us and choose the MINI Cooper Convertible you like. We will take over the selling process for your trade-in. Additionally, you can renegotiate your contract during the lease term if the need arises. We are known for our customer-centered lease options, and we will not be satisfied until you leave our dealership with the vehicle best for you.

Getting the Lease

Once you decide to lease a MINI Cooper convertible from us, it’s time to start the process. When you come to our dealership, we’ll sit down with you and negotiate a lease that fits your budget, driving needs, and overall lifestyle. The more specific you are about your desires, the better. Basic servicing can be part of your lease deal. If you are looking for a convertible with specific features, we can add those to your contract. If you trade in one lease for another, we will know your preferences for additional features to your deal.


Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you can find a lease with us. When you come in, ask about our leasing specials, as these may give you a break financially and broaden your vehicle and contract options. These deals can include exclusive demo specials. This may allow you to lease a convertible for up to 36 months with no down payment.

Why the MINI Cooper Convertible?

The MINI Cooper is known for its unique look. You’ll feel like a winner in the driver’s seat. Its speed and maneuverability make it fun to be behind the wheel. On top of this, with all the customization options, you can really choose a MINI Cooper convertible that is made just for you. Choose a lease deal to drive out of the lot in this entertaining vehicle.

MINI of Manhattan for Your Lease Deals

We will never ask you to sign a lease before all your questions are answered. Consider leasing a MINI Cooper convertible from MINI of Manhattan today, and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. MINI of Manhattan looks forward to matching those in Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, NY, with a car you will love.