MINI Cooper S Dashboard Light Guide

A dashboard light is a surefire way to have a stressful morning. But it doesn’t have to be. Many of the lights on the dashboard of the 2017 MINI Cooper S are just indicators that a system is activated. However, there are several that mean you need to act. So how do you know the difference?

Before you panic, start with this 2017 MINI Cooper S dashboard light guide from the team at your local MINI dealership, and find out what your vehicle’s dashboard lights mean right now.

What Color is Your Dashboard Light?

In general, all your dashboard lights are important. Exactly what they  mean depends on a few things. The color is your first indicator of importance. We’ve broken down some of the most common dashboard lights by color for your convenience.

A RED Light Means “Pay Attention” 

If there’s a serious problem in your vehicle that needs immediate attention, the dashboard light will be red. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Front-End Collision Warning: This flashing light means you’re on course for a front-end collision. To prevent an accident, use an evasive maneuver or emergency braking to avoid the vehicle in front of you.
    • Pedestrian Warning: This light means there’s a large moving object or a person in your current trajectory. Use an evasive maneuver, change course, or apply emergency braking to avoid hitting the object.

An ORANGE Light Means “System Active” 

Orange lights aren’t indicative that there’s a problem in your vehicle. They simply illuminate to let you know that a system is active. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Vehicle Detection System: This light means there’s a vehicle driving ahead of you. Don’t get too close or it might turn into a Front-End Collision Warning.
    • Active Cruise Control: This light means the system is on and working.

A YELLOW Light Means “Get Maintenance”

If there’s a yellow light on your dashboard, it’s a sign your vehicle needs maintenance or repair. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): This light means the ABS system isn’t working. The brakes will still work, but emergency braking should be avoided until the system is repaired.
    • Check Engine Light: This light means the vehicle’s emissions system isn’t working. If the vehicle overheats, pull over as soon as it’s safe and let it cool down before heading to the service center.

If a Dashboard Light Illuminates, Take Action

If there’s a light we haven’t covered on this page, check out your owner’s  manual. That’s where you’ll find out more information about each light and learn how you can prevent the light from coming on in the future.

The next step you should take will depend on which light comes on. If a red or yellow light turns on, be sure to schedule a service appointment at your local dealership and get the vehicle checked out as soon as possible.

You can make a service appointment at MINI of Manhattan online in minutes, and hang out in our comfortable waiting area until we have the diagnostics for you. Ready to get started? Schedule a service appointment now.