MINI Cooper Dimensions: Just How Big Is A MINI?

When we think “mini,” we’re probably thinking small. But as you settle down inside of any MINI Cooper model, the word seems to take on a completely different meaning.

When Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens drivers want big style and space in a seemingly compact package, they can always turn to the iconic MINI Cooper.MINI Cooper Dimensions

Now, let’s take a look at the MINI Cooper dimensions of each model and their varying trims…

Hardtop 2-Door & Convertible Dimensions

The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door serves as the standard MINI model. The MINI Convertible, which differs only in its removable soft-top, shares all the same dimensions. And as a matter of fact, they only vary across trim levels in length, growing slightly with each trim.

  • Vehicle Length
    • Cooper151.1 in.
    • Cooper S: 151.9 in.
    • John Cooper Works Hardtop: 152.5 in.
    • Vehicle Width: 68 in.
    • Vehicle Height: 55.7 in.
    • Legroom Front/Rear: 41.4/30.8 in.
    • Headroom Front/Rear: 40.3/36.9 in.
    • Shoulder Room Front/Rear: 50.6/47.8 in.
    • Trunk/Total Cargo Room: 8.7/34 ft.3

Hardtop 4-Door Dimensions

As you might imagine, the MINI Cooper Hardtop 4-Door is like the older brother of the 2-Door-a little bit bigger, but packed with all the same exceptional amenities. Like its smaller counterpart, it grows longer between trim levels.

  • Vehicle Length
    • Cooper157.4 in.
    • Cooper S: 158 in.
    • Vehicle Width: 68 in.
    • Vehicle Height: 56.1 in.
    • Legroom Front/Rear: 41.4/32.3 in.
    • Headroom Front/Rear: 39.9/37.5 in.
    • Shoulder Room Front/Rear: 51.2/49.6 in.
    • Trunk/Total Cargo Room: 13.1/40.7 ft.3

MINI Cooper Clubman Dimensions

While it’s not quite as bulky as some other crossover vehicles, the MINI Cooper Clubman was designed to compete with other small SUVs. Longer and more spacious than its predecessors, the Clubman amps up the stakes, adding more cargo capability and passenger room. Though the model includes five different trim levels, dimensions remain the same in each.

  • Vehicle Length: 168.3 in.
  • Vehicle Width: 70.9 in.
  • Vehicle Height: 56.7 in.
  • Legroom Front/Rear: 41.4/34.3 in.
  • Headroom Front/Rear: 40.2/38 in.
  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear: 54.7/52.8 in.
  • Trunk/Total Cargo Room: 17.5/47.9 ft.3

MINI Cooper Countryman Dimensions

While the MINI Cooper Countryman is similar to the Clubman in many ways, it is once again just slightly bigger-making it the largest vehicle in the MINI lineup. All dimensions remain the same between its trim levels, too.

  • Vehicle Length: 169.8 in.
  • Vehicle Width: 71.7 in.
  • Vehicle Height: 61.3 in.
  • Legroom Front/Rear: 40.4/37.6 in.
  • Headroom Front/Rear: 39.9/37.5 in.
  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear: 54.8/54 in.
  • Trunk/Total Cargo Room: 17.6/47.6 ft.3

Feel the Big MINI Difference for Yourself

So, “mini” isn’t exactly an adequate descriptor for any of these vehicles. Undoubtedly, each and every one offers tons of interior comfort. However, it’s hard to get a feel for that just by reading the numbers.

Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens drivers can experience that MINI Cooper space for themselves by getting behind the wheel. Contact MINI of Manhattan today to schedule your test drive!