MINI Cooper Countryman vs Volkswagen Golf

2020 MINI Countryman

There’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with driving a sporty and compact hatchback. The 2020 MINI Cooper Countryman and the Volkswagen Golf both offer smooth performance that give you a sense of freedom while you cruise to your vacation.

At MINI of Manhattan, we want to show drivers in the Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens areas how these vehicles compare to each other. Read more to learn what these models have to offer in terms of performance and technology.

MINI Cooper Countryman vs Volkswagen Golf: Engineered for Fun Performance

Both the Countryman and the VW Golf are designed with sporty engines that provide an exciting drive wherever you’re going. Looking at the VW Golf, the most powerful engine it has to offer is a turbocharged 1.4L inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This powertrain is able to produce up to 147 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque for some exciting performance.

Moving onto the Countryman, we find that the most powerful engine available is a turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder Valvetronic engine. This engine produces some excellent power with up to 301 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. You’ll be able to enjoy some responsive acceleration while behind the wheel of this vehicle.

Comparing the transmissions of the MINI Cooper Countryman vs. Volkswagen Golf, you see that both vehicles also offer sporty transmission systems that allow you to really feel the force behind your acceleration. The VW Golf comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission for some fun shifting on the fly. Those who prefer an automatic transmission can opt for the available 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Countryman offers three available transmissions, starting with the standard 7-speed double clutch transmission. Moving up, we have an available 8-speed Steptronic Automatic transmission for easy shifting when in stop-and-go traffic. However, for the best performance, look to the available eight-speed Sport Automatic Transmission for even smoother acceleration.

Other than having the power to get you from Point A to Point B, the MINI Cooper Countryman and Volkswagen Golf share similar MPG ratings. However, with the MINI Cooper Countryman, you’ll be traveling further distances without the need to refuel. That’s because the Countryman is equipped with a 16.1-gallon fuel tank, while the Volkswagen Golf only has a 13.2-gallon tank.

Drivetrain Design

Being able to handle the elements year-round is an important part of enjoying your vehicle to the fullest. That’s why both these vehicles are designed with features like Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution.

Looking at the VW Golf, however, we only see a front-wheel-drive system that provides standard handling in the snow and other slippery conditions. The MINI Cooper Countryman, on the other hand, offers an available ALL4 all-wheel-drive system that provides excellent traction even when making a trip through heavy slush.

The ALL4 system provides you with all the protection you need to help keep you on track wherever you go in life, no matter the conditions. Using intelligent sensors, the ALL4 system will determine how much traction is needed for each wheel in order for you to conquer the rough road ahead. Plus, the system can even strategically redistribute power to the wheels that need it the most to help optimize your traction.

Driver-Assistance Technology

2020 MINI Countryman Trim LevelThere’s nothing quite as relaxing as having convenient features that help you drive. Inside both the Countryman and the VW Golf is an available Forward Collision Warning system. This feature helps to warn you when you begin to approach a vehicle ahead of you, so you can brake accordingly.

Both systems will provide you with a series of warnings so you can slow down or stop your compact car before a collision takes place. However, if you don’t react to the warnings, both systems also have optional Automatic Emergency Braking features that may be able to step in and slow or stop your car before a collision takes place.

In addition, the Countryman also offers an available Adaptive Cruise Control system. When you want to keep up with traffic, just set this feature on. Your car will maintain a set distance behind the car ahead of you. When they stop, you will stop, and when they pick back up, you’ll be accelerating right along with them until you reach your set speed.

While the Volkswagen Golf does have a cruise control feature, it doesn’t include the automatic speed adjustments that the Adaptive Cruise Control system of the Countryman offers.

Compact Car with Large Dimensions

Just because something’s small doesn’t mean it lacks space for either front or rear passengers.

MINI Cooper Countryman vs Volkswagen Golf Dimensions


MINI Cooper


Headroom (front/rear)

40.5/38.3 inches

38.4/38.1 inches

Legroom (front/rear)

40.4/37.6 inches

41.2/35.6 inches

Shoulder room (front/rear)

54.8/54 inches

55.9/53.9 inches


While the VW Golf takes the lead in some categories, those traveling in the MINI Cooper Countryman will have an overall more comfortable commute thanks to available premium leather upholstery and dual-zone automatic temperature control.

Those traveling in the MINI Cooper Countryman will also have plenty of space when it comes to hitting the open road on your next adventure. The MINI Cooper Countryman has a maximum cargo capacity of 47.6 cubic feet. Despite the Volkswagen Golf having a slightly larger maximum cargo space of 53.7 cubic feet, don’t let that number fool you.

With the MINI Cooper Countryman, you can opt for a storage package. This package allows you to transform your cargo area into a multi-floor space. Thanks to this feature, which isn’t offered with the Volkswagen Golf, you’ll have extra cargo space and an area for you to store your valuables. Either way, you’ll be getting extra cargo space with this optional package.

This storage package also offers two additional USB ports for rear passengers, bringing your total number to three ports, unlike with the VW Golf, where you’ll only have one port.

MINI Cooper Countryman vs Volkswagen Golf: The Verdict

For a smooth and responsive drive, the MINI Cooper Countryman and the Volkswagen Golf both offer some impressive performance. However, the Countryman provides drivers with a much sportier engine and more advanced technology, as well as a safer, more connected and spacious commute.

Are you a driver in the Manhattan, Bronx, or Queens areas? Schedule a test drive of the MINI Cooper Countryman at MINI of Manhattan today!