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When you need a team to take care of your vehicle, we’re the ones to turn to. Welcome to MINI of Manhattan, otherwise known as your go-to crew with all the services you need to keep your ride in tip-top shape. Is your machine in need of some care? If so, then it’s time to come to our MINI auto body shop near Queens, NY.

Here, we service your ride effortlessly, and with the passion and care it requires. Read on to learn more about what else we can do for you.

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Help Us Help You

When you visit an auto body shop, it is, foremostly, to take care of a ride’s condition—particularly after something like a collision. When you work with our team, we strive to make sure your vehicle is in near-perfect shape, just as it was when it came off the assembly line. How do we do that?

With our team of certified experts, MINI parts, and more, it’s possible—but first, we need your assistance. Walk us through your experience with the ride, as well as what happened, your experience in how it worked prior to your visit to the shop, and so on. Together, we’ll return the ride to the condition as you know it.

Parts Replacement

When you come to our MINI auto body shop, it’s a sure thing that you’ll be looking into vehicle parts, or at least discussing them, with our team. What makes our components special is that they’re genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This means these components were designed to fit your ride and only yours, exclusively—they come off the same assembly line as your vehicle, so they’re designed to be a perfect fit, every time.

Gathering these parts from our auto body means we’ll be restoring it to near-ideal condition, as if the components had never been replaced at all.

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Overall Service

There’s more to our auto body than fixing up drastic repairs, of course. We also take care of your everyday, must-do maintenance, like oil changes, battery tests, and so on. If you’re in need of a few maintenance updates, we’re your team.

To get started, you can schedule service with us online. We have a series of opportunities for different drivers because we know everyone has varying schedules—just check out our website, explore what we have available, and schedule a time that works for you.

Visit Our MINI Auto Body Shop near Queens NY Today!

Now that you know what to expect from our MINI auto body shop near Queens, New York, the next step is clear, in our opinion: it’s time to come in for your service and body adjustments. What do you think? If you agree, get in touch with our team at MINI of Manhattan.

We pride ourselves on assisting drivers like you, every day. Let us help you bring your care back to the way you like it, with smooth-sailing parts that were literally build for it. Contact us today!

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