Winter Tire Maintenance Guide

The thick of winter is here, and New York sees some rough weather during these months. Snow tires are the best way to keep your traction going strong and get you where you need to go in the cold and ice, but many people think slapping the right tires on a vehicle is all they need to do. Drivers in New York need to be diligent with winter tire maintenance to ensure that the harsh winter won’t takes its toll on their MINI Cooper tires.

Read our handy winter tire maintenance guide so you can be certain that your tires will last for the entire winter season, no matter the ice and snow you encounter.

Tire Maintenance in the Winter

Snow tires used for the cold New York winters have deep tread and are  made of very soft rubber, so they’re far more susceptible to wear and tear than all-season tires. Damage can occur for a variety of reasons, from uneven weather conditions to misalignment and settings to optimal air pressure.

Check Your Tire Air Pressure

Air pressure is possibly the most controllable and important factor in maintaining tire wear. When your tires have too much air in them, they wear unevenly in the center and lose traction. Not enough air means they’ll have better traction but too much friction on the road, so they’ll wear faster. Either way increases the potential for tires to rupture.

Know the signs of low tire pressure to ensure that you don’t wear down your MINI Cooper tires this winter.

Know Your Tire Alignments

There are generally three different adjustments for tire alignments: caster, camber, and toe alignment. When it comes to the different settings for maintaining your tires, the camber and toe settings are most vital to your tire wear.

The camber setting refers to your tires’ vertical tilt. When your tire tilts outward at the top, it has positive camber, while an inward tilt is negative camber. Winter tires need to be set to the right camber settings to retain their tread and ensure even wear. Your vehicle will have preferred manufacturer settings regarding the ideal camber setting.

The toe setting refers to the degree to which the tires are aligned toward or away from one another. Toe-in means that the tires are pointed toward one another, while toe-out means they’re pointed away from each other. Again, each vehicle has preferred manufacturer settings and tolerances that must be maintained.

Regular Tire Maintenance and Service

One of the best things you can do to make sure that your snow tires wear  properly throughout the winter is to stay on a regular tire maintenance schedule. Taking your car in every few months to have the tires examined and rotated will help to ensure that your alignment settings and air pressure remain stable for the whole season.

MINI Cooper Service Center

If you need to schedule tire maintenance for your MINI Cooper, we’re ready to make sure that everything’s working just as it should. Schedule a service appointment with the tire experts at MINI of Manhattan today and don’t get stuck out in the cold.