Why Buy Mini Cooper?

Undoubtedly, the MINI Cooper is one of the most iconic vehicles on the road today. Though other brands have tried to match its unforgettable designs and performance, they have failed time and again.

However, that sense of individuality isn’t the only reason why Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens drivers would want to get behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper. Our team at MINI of Manhattan is here to show you the rest.

Space: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Some people prefer the MINI simply because it appears more compact. Truly, it is. With its trim design, it’ll have no problem fitting into a cramped parking garage or on a narrow street in New York City.

However, many owners are surprised-and thrilled-to find that when they actually step inside, there’s far more room than they’d imagined. Whether you’re up front or in the back, you’ll have more legroom and headroom than you could guess.

Style That Never Fails To Turn Heads

Even after so many years as an American jetsetter, there’s still something distinctly European about the MINI Cooper design-a sense of style that will stand out in the modern and trendy Big Apple.

However, the true styling benefit comes in terms of customization. There are few vehicles that can be as heavily customized and modified as the MINI Cooper. With just a little bit of creative ingenuity, you’ll be able to make this car 100% you.

Versatile Cargo Capabilities

The MINI Cooper is unbelievably fun to drive. You’ll be dying to take it out on a road trip almost as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Fortunately, when you do, you’ll have an exceptional amount of cargo room in the back to carry all your necessary luggage and gear. Configure the backseat to your liking to pack in as much cargo as possible!

Comprehensive Safety

Some drivers worry about the safety of a small car. However, a decrease in size by no means should cause a decrease in protection. Or, at least it doesn’t in the MINI Cooper.

Built from rigid, multiphase steel and packed with up to eight airbags, there’s plenty of cushion to shield you from collision forces.

Not only that, but the MINI Cooper is loaded with tons of active safety features that can help prevent accidents in the first place.

Stay Connected with MINI Technology

Drivers will have even more technology when it comes to entertainment, all thanks to the MINI Connected suite. This suite combines music, parking assistance, navigation, traffic updates, and more into an easy-to-access interface.

Integrate your mobile device into the MINI Connected suite to take all your favorite apps on the go. With this kind of technology on your side, you should have no problem staying entertained!

Want to Try a MINI Cooper for Yourself?

You’ve read all about it. Now it’s time to see all these excellent benefits in action. Any Manhattan, the Bronx, or Queens drivers who would like to get behind the wheel of a new MINI Cooper can do so at MINI of Manhattan. Contact us today to schedule your test drive!