Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

There’s nothing worse than driving around the Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens area with brakes that squeak. At MINI of Manhattan, our team of certified technicians are committed to helping drivers keep their brakes healthy-and quiet-so you can get the most out of your vehicle.MINI-Brake-Service

Read below to find out why your brakes might be squeaking and contact us for service.

Why Do Brakes Squeak?

There are four common reasons that brakes squeak. Typically, it either has to do with disc brakes or drum brakes. Keep reading to find out which one your car might be suffering from.

Excess Moisture – When moisture builds up on the brake rotors, either from dew, rain, or humidity, it can cause rust to build up. When the brake pad encounters rust, it causes a loud squeaking sound. If this is the problem, the rust will eventually flake off as you continue to use the brakes and the squeaking should stop. This is a problem that only occurs with disc brakes.

Thin Brake Pads – When the brake pads get worn down past a certain level, it exposes a metal tip known as an indicator tip. This small piece of metal produces the squeaking noise to notify the driver that new pads are needed.

High Metal Content Brake Pads – Most drivers love saving money, especially when it comes to replacement parts. However, skimping on quality brake pads could be what’s causing your squeaking brakes. That’s because cheap brake pads typically use more metal than higher quality ones. That metallic makeup is what makes the brakes squeal while you drive around town.

Lubrication Issues – Drum brakes require special lubrication to function properly. Failure to keep the brakes properly lubed up could result in that unwanted squeaking sound. A certified technician can help by providing additional lubrication.

Should I Be Worried About My Squeaking Brakes?

If your brakes are squeaking, it’s a good idea to have them inspected by a certified technician. While most problems aren’t exactly dangerous, they could lead to more serious issues.

Correcting Squeaky Brakes

Replacing a brake pad or adding lubricant might sound simple, but if done incorrectly, it could have dangerous consequences. So, we recommend you rely on a certified technician to handle the repairs. For professional brake repair, you can count on the team of technicians at MINI of Manhattan. No matter what brake issues you’re experiencing, we can help.

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