Our collection of exclusive touchless services provides you with a simple, efficient and modern way to purchase 100% online, get your MINI serviced and learn about your MINI. Experience why Adventure Starts Here:

Open online at: www.mininyc.com and www.shopminiusa.com

Hours of Operation:

    • Click 2 Drive: Complete your purchase 100% online and at your convenience. Shop, Personalize, Apply and Schedule all from your personal computer or mobile device.
    • By Appointment Test Drives (dealer curbside or at-home): We’re offering safe & convenient in-person test drives on select models so you can make an informed decision. These vehicles are cleaned and sanitized prior to your use, so you can become familiar at your own pace.
    • Touchless New Vehicle Delivery (dealer curbside & at-home delivery): We’ll assist you outside the dealer and get you moving quickly. Or, we’ll bring your new MINI to you.
    • Product Education: With our team of MINI Motoring Advisors, MINI Virtual Second Date and a complete suite of informative videos, we provide you with the all the tools to learn about your MINI on your time and from the comfort of home or office. When you want to speak to someone one-on-one, our MINI Motoring Advisors can assist by phone, email and video chat.

    • Valet Pickup & Delivery: Service your MINI without driving it. Our drivers will pickup your car, bring it in for service, and return it when complete. Pay your invoice online.
    • Dealer Curbside Drop-off & Pickup: Planning on being in the neighborhood? Schedule a dealer-curbside drop-off & pickup and we’ll take care of your car while you handle your schedule.
    • Valet Courtesy Loaner Pickup & Delivery: If you opt for one of our Courtesy Loaner vehicles, we’ll drop it off when picking up your MINI for service, and pick it up when dropping of your MINI when service is finished.
    • On-site cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting: From the moment your MINI is our possession, we ensure that it is cleaned, sanitized & disinfected. Whether you’re using our drop-off service or Valet pickup & delivery, we clean, sanitize & disinfect all touch points. Additionally, our staff of valet drivers & technicians are wearing masks and gloves every time they get into your car.
    • Same- or Next-day Delivery*: Order your parts early enough in the day, and we may be able to deliver same- or next-day. Some limitations apply, of course, but we’ll gladly ship to the 48 connected States as well. We ship exclusively FedEx and always provide a tracking number.
    • Parts Curbside Pickup & Delivery: In the area? Need parts quickly? We offer dealer-curbside delivery between 8:00am and 4:30pm.