2018 MINI Cooper Convertible vs VW Beetle Convertible

Car connoisseurs in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx will know that the 2018 MINI Cooper Convertible and VW Beetle Convertible are chic subcompact cars that can switch seamlessly from an open-air ride to an enclosed one. But, when put head to head, which of the two has more of the features you like?

 Our team at MINI of Manhattan wants to help you solve that question. That’s why we’ve put together a comparison of the MINI Cooper Convertible and Volkswagen Beetle. In it, we’ve set the features we think you care about most side by side, so you can decide which car works best for you!

MINI Cooper Convertible vs VW Beetle Convertible: Technology

Both the 2018 MINI Cooper and 2018 VW Beetle have excellent infotainment systems, with base screens coming in at 6.5 and 6.3 inches, respectively. You can connect your compatible smartphone and access your contacts, music library, and more.

But, the Cooper has some great upgrades to make driving in New York City easier, like available Parking Assistant. It scans for open parking spaces and guides you into them for the perfect parallel park. Add the Car Finder feature and real-time traffic updates, and you have a city-driving experience the Beetle can’t quite match.

Performance Specs

The MINI Cooper and Volkswagen Convertibles both have great fuel economy, but the base Cooper’s EPA-estimated 28 city/37 highway MPG comes out slightly ahead of the Beetle’s EPA-estimated 26 city/33 highway MPG. With the Cooper, you can enjoy fewer trips to the pump as you head to your destination.

The Cooper also maxes out with higher power. Its higher trims use a turbo engine that delivers up to 228 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque, for speedy highway acceleration you’ll feel out in the open air. But the Beetle’s turbo engine gets just 174 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque across all trims.

Interior Space

 When it comes to space, the Cooper comes out slightly ahead in the specs. The Cooper’s 39.8 inch front headroom and 39 inch rear headroom best the Beetle’s 39.3 inch and 37.6 inch measurements, respectively. Both models front and rear legroom hover around 41 inches and 31 inches, respectively, as well. Taller riders will enjoy the Cooper’s extra headspace.

As far as storage space, the Cooper’s 7.6 ft3 of cargo volume just slips past the Beetle’s 7.1 ft3. In a larger car, that difference might go unnoticed, but in the subcompact segment, every inch matters. The Cooper’s extra space may make the difference in holding that extra grocery bag or piece of luggage.

2018 MINI Cooper Convertible vs VW Beetle Convertible: The Verdict

Was our comparison of the MINI Cooper Convertible and VW Beetle Convertible helpful to you? Clearly, the Cooper and Beetle are both efficient subcompact cars that can deliver that wind-in-the-hair feeling for drivers. But we think shoppers in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx will like the Cooper’s economy, power, interior space, and city-amenable driving features.

Schedule a test drive of the 2018 MINI Cooper at MINI of Manhattan, so you’ll get hands-on experience behind the wheel before you decide. Our auto experts will be standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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