2018 MINI Cooper Convertible Dashboard Light Guide

If you get concerned when you see a dashboard light up on your new MINI Cooper Convertible, you’re not alone. Everyone gets concerned when they see these lights, especially if they’re not sure what they mean. When you’re driving the Manhattan, Bronx, or Queens roads, the last thing you want is an indicator of a problem you didn’t know existed.

It’s helpful to have a quick guide, so that when something does light up, you have a general idea of whether it’s an emergency indicator or just a warning that something’s a bit off. Check out this complete guide to your 2018 MINI Cooper Convertible dashboard symbols, so when you see something light up, you know what it means.

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MINI Cooper Convertible Dashboard Symbols

There are a number of common MINI Cooper Convertible dashboard symbols you’ll encounter. These tend to be color-coded, based on their urgency. The three colors are red, orange, and yellow, with red lights being the most urgent. Here are a few of the most common lights you might encounter…

Red Lights

Red lights indicate that you need to address a problem immediately. They represent a potential danger to you as you drive it, though not always a mechanical problem. Three of the most common you’ll see are the airbag, front-end collision, and pedestrian warning lights.

The airbag light looks like a passenger with a circle in front, and lets you know that either your seatbelt tension system or your airbags themselves aren’t functioning properly. If you have an accident, these essential safety features may not work. Get your car in for service.

The approach control warning light, which appears as a car, lets you know you’re in danger of a crash. If it’s flashing, the danger is imminent-hit the brakes and take evasive action!

Finally, the person warning light (a person standing on a road) is letting you know that an individual has been detected in your path. If you don’t slow down, stop, or avoid them, you could strike them.

Orange Lights

Orange lights let you know that a system is active and working as intended. The vehicle detection light, for example, is a car icon and lets you know there’s a vehicle in your car’s sensor range ahead of you. If it’s flashing, your sensors can’t properly detect vehicles. Your active cruise control light looks similar to the vehicle detection one and lets you know via a number of bars what driving distance you’ve selected.

Yellow Lights

Yellow lights are a means by which your car lets you know something isn’t functioning right. While it may not present an imminent safety risk, you’ll need to get it in for maintenance soon.

The anti-lock braking system light, for example, appears as ABS inside a circle. It tells you that while your brakes are still likely working, your anti-lock function isn’t. The infamous emissions light looks like an engine and tells you there’s some issue with your mechanical or emissions system.

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