MINI Cooper Clubman Trim Levels

MINI Cooper Clubman Trim Levels


You’ve made the decision to incorporate the 2020 MINI Cooper Clubman into your life and hit the streets of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens with style. The team at MINI of Manhattan thinks this is a fantastic choice, as this top-of-the-line model has everything you need to be luxurious, safer, and entertained on the road.

However, there are a lot more choices to make! Not only does the MINI Clubman come in three trims, but there’s three choices of each one to choose from: Classic, Signature, and Iconic. Refer to our guide on the 2020 MINI Cooper Clubman trim levels and pick the one that’s right for you.

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2020 Cooper S Clubman: Performance & Safety

MINI Cooper Clubman Trim LevelsThe MINI Cooper S Clubman is considered the standard trim level. Although, when taking a look at all the features offered with the Cooper S Clubman you’ll quickly see that there isn’t anything standard about this trim level.

Let’s take a closer look at all the features you’ll find with this MINI Cooper Clubman trim level.


The standard MINI Cooper Clubman trim includes a 2.0L 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine with double VANOS, generating 189 HP and 207 lb-ft of torque. This engine can also give you an acceleration rate of 0 to 60 MPH in just 6.9 seconds. Additionally, you’ll receive the 7-speed sport double clutch transmission.

To help you get a customized feel during your commute you can utilize the MINI Driving Modes, which comes standard on the Signature choice. This allows you to choose one of three modes that work to optimize your performance settings.

Sport Mode

Want to feel like you’re driving around on your own personal racetrack? The Sport Mode adjusts your performance to get optimal results.

Green Mode

This driving mode will help improve your fuel efficiency by adjusting settings like climate control and throttle response.

Mid Mode

Can’t decide between a sporty or fuel-efficient commute?

The Mid Mode gives you the perfect blend of both.


MINI Cooper Clubman Trim LevelsAnother feature included with the Signature choice of the Cooper S Clubman trim level is Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Braking. Using a front-mounted camera the area ahead of your MINI Cooper S Clubman will constantly be monitored. If an object, like another vehicle, crosses the area being monitored, you’ll receive an alert.

If after receiving this alert there’s no reaction, the Automatic Emergency Braking system may step in and apply brake pressure in an attempt to completely prevent a collision or reduce the severity of impact.

Additional Features

MINI Cooper Clubman Trim LevelsNow for the fun stuff. With the Cooper S Clubman trim level you’ll have access to several standard features across the three different choices among this trim level. These features allow you to stay connected, entertained, and safer while hitting the open road. The features with these choices include:

  • Classic: You’ll find several features offered with this trim level that help build the foundation of your MINI Cooper S Clubman. Some of these structural features include 17-inch alloy wheels, a leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel, and a 6.5-inch media system.
  • Signature: This Cooper S Clubman choice ups the comfort features offered with this vehicle. Some of these enhancing features include a panorama roof, heated seats, and the Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control system.
  • Iconic: For the most inclusive trim level, you can opt for the Iconic choice. With this you’ll have smartphone integration, premium leather upholstery, and 18-inch alloy wheels.


Don’t let the small physique of the MINI Cooper Clubman fool you. This seemingly miniature SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) is spacious both inside and out.

MINI Cooper S Clubman Exterior Dimensions


168.3 inches


79.4 inches


56.7 inches

These exterior dimensions allow up to five passengers to travel without jeopardizing comfort or cargo capacity.

Headroom (front/rear)

40.2/38 inches

Legroom (front/rear)

41.4/34.3 inches

Shoulder Room (front/rear)

54.7/52.8 inches

Maximum Cargo Capacity

47.9 cubic feet

When it comes to filling your MINI Cooper, you’ll find utilizing the split rear doors makes loading a portion or your entire trunk an easy task.

MINI Cooper Clubman ALL4: Lap of Luxury & Athleticism

Although this trim keeps the engine featured in the standard Cooper S Clubman trim level, you’ll have the power of the ALL4 all-wheel drive system helping you go wherever the road takes you. This system helps optimize your traction and handling abilities in both slippery conditions and rough terrain.

MINI Cooper Clubman Trim Levels

This system also includes Dynamic Stability Control, which helps you stay on track, particularly when you’re navigating tight turns. The Dynamic Stability Control feature applies brake pressure to the wheels that need it the most, so you can stay on course even in unfavorable conditions.

The MINI Cooper Clubman ALL4 takes the interior features up a notch. This trim level offers standard sport seats with Carbon Black Sensatec upholstery with the Classic choice. Also standard with Classic are LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights.

These LED headlights and fog lights help to illuminate the night, so you’ll see objects from a farther distance. The taillights make sure your presence lingers with drivers even after you’ve passed.

Overall, you’ll find that this MINI Cooper Clubman trim level offers sportier features inside and out, in addition to seating options, to add a hint of luxury.

John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4: All Inclusive

MINI Cooper Clubman Trim LevelsFor the most optimized drive and features, turn to the 2020 MINI Cooper John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4. This trim features the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine equipped with the Valvetronic direct-injection with double VANOS. This generates a whopping 301 HP and 331 lb-ft of torque, allowing you to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.6 seconds.

A sportier, more powerful feel isn’t the only addition you’ll get with this all-inclusive MINI Cooper trim level. Both the Classic and Iconic choices receive major upgrades.

  • Classic: For starters, 18-inch alloy wheels now come standard with this choice. You’ll also find the MINI Driving Modes offered on this choice as well. Lastly, you’ll be riding comfortably thanks to the John Cooper Works Sport Seats with Carbon Black Dinamica/Cloth upholstery.
  • Iconic: This choice allows you to sit a littler taller than with any of the other MINI Cooper Clubman trim levels. On the Iconic choice of the John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 you’ll have 19-inch alloy wheels standard.

View these Trims for Yourself at MINI of Manhattan

Now that you know all about the different 2020 MINI Cooper Clubman trim levels, you’re finding yourself more prepared to choose the trim level that’s best for you. To schedule a test drive in the Manhattan, the Bronx, or Queens areas, reach out to our team today.