How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires

If you’ve gotten this far, then you may know a bit about the importance of a tire rotation service. If so, you can skip on down to the next question. But if you’re not so sure what exactly is the purpose of a tire rotation, then we’ve got an answer for you.

Tires sit with a pretty equal balance of weight beneath your vehicle. But with every turn, stop, acceleration, and bump into the curb, your tires experience varying levels of wear and tear. Over time, that wear here and there makes a big difference in the performance and overall health of your tires.

Getting regular tire rotations means you’re ensuring that each of your four tires is getting equal wear and tear so they’ll all last as long as possible. The tire rotation service is a necessary one in which the service team at your local MINI service center near Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan takes off each tire and puts it in a new position. So a left front becomes a right front and the back left becomes the back right and so forth.

Tire Rotation Service Schedule

The tire rotation service ensures that each of your four tires wears down at a more equal rate and that they’ll all be ready for replacement around the same time (see below for more on that). Like many preventative maintenance services, the tire rotation should be done regularly to ensure that each tire is getting the most benefits of this service.

The tire rotation service should be done every 3 to 6 months, or when you get your oil change done. This service is an integral part of keeping your tires healthy and will include a tire inspection. When we do the tire rotation service, we’ll look for cracks, bulges, low inflation, and tread level so you know when it’s time to replace your tires.

How Often Should You Replace Your Tires?

Automotive tires are built to withstand the elements, different driving styles, all kinds of roads, and so much more. But they’ll eventually need to be replaced. If your tires can avoid road nails, punctures, and other unavoidable issues, they should last around 25,000 to 50,000 miles, according to KBB.

But that mileage depends on a number of factors, including driving habits, tire quality, road quality, and weather and driving conditions. The best recipe for ensuring a long life for your tires is to get a regular tire inspection and rotations regularly.

Schedule a Tire Service at MINI of Manhattan

If you’re like many residents of Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, car maintenance seems to fall by the wayside when there are so many other things going on. And since most of us don’t have time to spend hours in the service department, finding the time to get a tire service just seems implausible. We totally get it.

That’s why the service center at MINI of Manhattan offers a range of services to make it easier than ever for you to get your tire service and regular maintenance done quickly and conveniently. We offer pickup and drop-off service for your MINI vehicle, a shuttle service to the Columbus Circle train and bus stations, and a complimentary car wash with every serviced. And if you do need to spend time in our waiting room, you’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi and beverages while you wait.

Schedule a tire rotation at MINI of Manhattan right now and cross car service off your to-do list.