How To Check Your Car Battery Voltage

There are many different types of routine maintenance your car needs, but one of the most important is taking care of the battery.

The battery is the powerhouse of your car. If it’s not working properly, the engine won’t be able to turn over and the lights, radio, and other electronic systems inside won’t be able to function. Fortunately, there is a way to know when your battery needs professional care before it becomes faulty. All you have to do is know how to check the voltage.

At MINI of Manhattan, we want to make sure all our customers in Queens, Manhattan, or the Bronx have the resources needed to give their vehicle the care it needs, which is why we created this detailed guide. Check it out to learn how you can test your battery’s voltage.

Steps to Checking Your Car Battery

If you need to check your vehicle’s battery voltage, then make sure you have a voltmeter, rubber gloves, and safety goggles. A voltmeter will help you see how much juice your battery has left in it while the rubber gloves and goggles are to ensure your safety.

When you have all the items you need, follow these step-by-step directions to check your battery.

  1. Find the battery: With the engine and all the electronic features off in the car, open the hood, find the battery, and look for its terminals. The positive terminal is typically red and the negative terminal is black. They may also have a plus (for positive) and minus (for negative) sign on them.
  2. Connect the voltmeter to the battery: Take the leads of your voltmeter and attach them to the battery. The positive red end of the voltmeter must be connected to the positive terminal, and the negative black end should be connected the negative terminal.
  3. Analyze the readings: Let the voltmeter sit for a few minutes, then check the readings. A 12.45-volt reading means your battery is sufficiently charged. Any number below that means it needs a service or repair as soon as possible.

Extending the Longevity of Your Car Battery

Extending the life of your battery is almost as simple as checking it. We mean it-doing something as simple as turning off the headlights and all electronic features before you get out the car can help your battery last long. Keeping the alternator and charging system under the hood running well will keep it sufficiently powered for longer, too.

Plus, you need to make sure you understand the signs that point to battery problems. This includes noticing a sulfur smell, corrosion on the battery case, and, of course, an engine that won’t turn over. As soon as you notice these issues, it’s best to have your battery repaired immediately to avoid getting stranded.

Get Your Battery Serviced

The battery is critical to the operation of your vehicle. When you take the time to check it routinely, you not only extend its life, but also ensure a smooth and stable performance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck near Queens, Manhattan, or the Bronx with a dead battery!

So, check its voltage every once in a while, and be sure to schedule a battery service at MINI of Manhattan whenever it needs to be repaired. Our team of service experts will be more than happy to provide the services needed to extend the life of your battery.