2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Review

2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Review

Drivers in the New York City area know how important getting the most out of your space is. If you are looking to take that space-conscious design on the road with you, consider taking your trips in a MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door. This popular subcompact car maximizes every square inch.

The team at MINI of Manhattan is proud of the vehicle’s optimal design. We have prepared a 2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door review for drivers near Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens.

MINI Cooper Hardtop Dimensions With Maximum Convenience

The 2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop lets you stretch out and slip into tight parking spots. A creative design optimizes interior space so that its convenient frame makes it easy to navigate city traffic.

The 2-door hatchback fits four passengers inside its frame. For maximum convenience, 80.3 cubic feet of passenger volume is provided. The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door allows drivers to enjoy 41.4 inches of front legroom.

Drivers who need a spot to stash their groceries can do so with 8.7 cubic feet of trunk storage space. You’ll probably need more on an extended getaway. Just flip down the rear seat and enjoy up to 34 cubic feet of storage.

These innovative design considerations yield a satisfactory driving experience. The same can be said of its economical performance.

Benissimo Performance

Drivers benefit from the 2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door’s engineering. Its design is a match for the efficiency required to make navigating a busy metropolis a little easier.

The base engine on the hatchback is the 1.5L 12V Twin Power Turbo engine. The engine yields an efficient MINI Cooper Hardtop MPG rating. Its EPA-estimated fuel economy is 28 city/37 highway MPG.*

Drivers can plug in for even greater efficiency. The 2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is also available as an all-electric vehicle. The vehicle produces a generous EPA-estimated rating of 115 city MPGe/100 highway MPGe.*

With a maximum EPA-estimated driving range of 110 miles, the electric MINI Cooper Hardtop is tailor-made for city driving.* It also generates an output of 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque. That is a lot of muscle in a conveniently-sized vehicle.

2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 Door Red City MINI of Manhattan

An Enjoyable Exterior

The MINI Cooper Hardtop exterior is iconic. It just takes a quick glance for everyone to see that you are driving a MINI.

The 2021 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door announces its arrival with a Black Grille with Chrome Surround. Its exterior is comprised of fully galvanized steel panels that ensure its sleek frame is also tough and secure.

To make a more accessible cargo area, the hatchback is complete with Liftgate Rear Cargo Access. The addition makes it easy to pack groceries, luggage, and more.

The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is a vehicle for all seasons. Standard Speed Sensitive Rain Detecting Variable Intermittent Wipers with Heated Jets clear your windshield and provide a clear line of sight when you encounter inclement weather.

This exterior design continues the MINI Cooper Hardtop’s reputation as a vehicle that facilitates your daily driving. How can you enjoy these features in person?

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